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Easy Rider 17' kevlar Take-A-Part kayak for sale
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EasyRider Eskimo 17’ Kevlar Take-A-Part Kayak. Easy Rider’s top of the line take-a-part kayak complete with their QR system allowing the kayak to be converted into outrigger, catamaran, or sail craft with the addition of appropriate accessories. The kayak comes in three sections—each with its own bulkhead, so when it is bolted together, it is stronger than the Easy Rider standard Eskimo kayak. These kayaks are a solution to the problems I found in my research of folding and inflating kayaks. I can load all three sections into the back of my Toyota Highlander. Each section bolts with 8 or 9 stainless-steel bolts, washers, lock washers, and wing nuts. Replaceable neoprene O-rings seal in-between the sections. On my bathroom scale, the bow weighed 13.5 lb., midsection 33 lb., and stern 16.5 lb. I didn’t include the rudder and the nuts and bolts—they add about another 3 lb. The patented self-centering rudder system works great and is easy to remove and install. I am including three factory custom-fitted travel bags—one for each section. These are in good condition and would cost $800 to buy them new.
This kayak was built in 1999, but it is in good condition and the hull design is virtually unchanged. I purchased it because it fit in my very small condo, and I used it twice before I discovered that the factory is just 30 minutes away in Tukwila Washington (near Seattle). I stopped in to get some extras, and ended up buying one of their last Take-A-Part Kayak’s—a 15’ Eskimo that has cost me over $6000 with some extra modifications and equipment. I now have two EasyRider kayaks. The designer of the kayaks is turning 81 this year, and is winding down his business toward retirement—so new versions of these kayaks may not be available much longer. I would like to sell the 17-foot, but I will sell the new (used twice) 15-foot if someone is interested. I won’t sell both. I want to keep one. The 15’ is not pictured, but it is gray with blue trim, and I have had knee-braces and front perimeter lines installed. The 15-foot is not fitted for sails, catamaran, or outrigger, but for a price, the factory can do the conversions. Asking $2500 for the 17’ and $5800 for the 15’. On the 15’ I paid $200 to have the bow-end bolts fiberglassed inside the mid-section bulkhead permanently. This greatly reduced the assembly time for the more difficult bow section. The EasyRider webpage suggest that assembly can be completed in 15 minutes. That is far too optimistic, but with the above alteration it may be possible. Disassemble time is faster. I can deliver the kayak for a charge of $1.00 per road mile from Kent, WA—up to 200 miles, or it may be picked up in Kent for free.
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