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P&H Hammer - $850
Bob Nash

i need to make room for new toys so I must part with my Hammer.

13'4 long

23 inches wide

Here is a review on the Hammer from Paul Kuthe.

As a new breed of sea boater pushes the limitations on the water, their craft must be up to the challenge. Leading the way, P&H Custom Sea Kayaks has stepped up and is introducing a boat that is proving to be the first true play / freestyle boat for the sea! Leaving compromises behind, the Hammer feels just as at home on long multi-day canyon river trips as it does in it’s true home; the surf, rock gardens, and tearing up tidal races big and small.

The boat’s shorter length, unique volume distribution, and flat planing hull give it solid stability and spin on a dime maneuverability, while the drop skeg, 3 bulkheads, and proper sea kayak rigging and outfitting including a day hatch and convenient 4th hatch up front, make this boat sea worthy and ready for some serious salt water action! Connect 30 whitewater style outfitting creates a comfortable and adjustable fit that offers maximum contact and control. The Hammer’s Precision performance and all day comfort come together beautifully to allow for a super enjoyable paddling experience.

This is not just a park a play machine. It’s able to cruise right along with most standard sea kayaks and feels quick and snappy on the water. It only takes a few strokes to match wave speed and start shredding. The boat surges forward on even subtle waves making it capable of paddling longer distances using swell energy. You can tell it WANTS to surf.

Set flat on the wave, the Hammer is loose as a goose and willing to go almost anywhere you like. Once on edge, it will drive the line and is capable of cranking wicked bottom turns with major thrust and speed. Amongst the rocks it felt cushy and confidence inspiring. Never feeling locked into any certain boat angle makes it possible to commit to bigger waves, tougher slots and pour-overs and more turbulent tidal races.

The hammer has the volume, safety features, and capabilities of a sea boat in a shape that could change the way we all think of sea kayaking and open up new possibilities for your paddling and our sport as a whole.

Review by Paul Kuthe

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