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WKC Sea Kayak Basic Class

Published on 5/31/2013

The Washington Kayak Club teaming with the BEWET Paddle Club held the 2013 Basic Class at the Environment Learning Center at Cornet Bay near our on-water class rooms Bowman Bay and Deception Pass.  This year there were twenty two students who participated in the 2 1/2 day class.   This year's class agenda included: hypothermia discussion, dry suit fitting, boat fit and the dreaded 'wet exit', safety equipment, communications tools & techniques, kayak camping, tides & currents, charts & navigation, a hands-on signaling demonstration. Loads of on-water exercises i.e.: partner and self rescue, towing, crossing into currents all made for a great class and wonderful learning opportunity for all.

Special thanks go out to all WKC and BEWET members who worked many months organizing and coordinating the class, the cooks and the on water coaches who made this class a great success. Thank you Rhonda Schwab, Chris Smith , DeDe Chinlund, Mike Germani, Jay Reeves, Monica Lander, Bill McKenzie, Bill Porter, Mark Morel, Julie, David Ortland and Dave.Carlson



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