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Important Announcement: New, Easier Waiver Process Just Released

Published on 5/7/2014
By Dave Ortland

Hello Paddlers,
Club Express, our web site provider, has just released a new enhancement that essentially provides for signed waivers during event registration. Our biggest administrative headache is now a thing of the past.

The event calendar is now in the process of being set up so that only those who agree to the waiver can register for events. The new feature is that now it also records who ‘signed’ and the time. I believe this makes the release agreement feature equivalent to an electronic signature on the pdf waiver or signature on a hard copy, therefore the burden of managing electronic or paper copies of the waiver is now unnecessary. Trip leaders rejoice!

The waiver is now on a page under the events tab. Read it once (or as many times as you like if having trouble sleeping), nod your head, and then click ‘I agree’ every time you register. I believe this will keep our insurance provider and the lawyers happy. (Yes, lawyer paddlers?)

Some instructors and trip leaders like the security of a signed paper copy of the waiver. They are of course welcome to continue using them. The paper copies will also continue to be used for pools, festivals, and other events that do not necessarily involve registration through the web site. For trips, registration on the web is required, otherwise you are not considered to officially be on the trip and the trip leader is not legally responsible for you.

If trip leaders so choose, there is a way to implement the use of the new system right away even for events that already have registrants.

Trip leaders: Make sure the release agreement is turned on for your event (look under the More Info link on the event page). Also make sure that cancellations allowed is checked (under basic info).   If you don’t want to handle electronic or paper waivers any longer for current trips, let those already registered know that they should re-register. You can either cancel all registrants using the Registration link on the event page, or let those signed up cancel themselves.  The 2nd option won't work unless cancellations are set to allowed.

Paddlers: If the trip leader asks you, cancel any event you are registered for and re-register. To cancel a registration (for any reason) go to your personal profile and look under Event History. I would also like to remind you to always log in before registering for a trip.

Now there is nothing left to do but paddle. Keep in mind that the best insurance of all is to continue our fine WKC tradition of safe paddling practices.

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