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Prez Letter

Published on 7/4/2014
By Dave Ortland
During the last meeting before the summer recess, the board formed a subcommittee to prepare a revised list of bylaws. In the words of the subcommittee chair, Andy Ryan, “The proposed amendments to the WKC Constitution and Bylaws are intended to modernize the Club’s governing documents by: making them more compatible with new technologies such as the Web and electronic newsletters; simplifying governance procedures by eliminating obsolete requirements such as term limits for officers; reducing the size of quorums at Paddle Board and General Meetings; and making Club management more accessible by allowing for online meetings, and electronic voting.”

The board recently approved the amended bylaws, but for them to become official, it is also required that they be approved by the membership. This vote will be conducted using the poll that appears on the club home page. According to current bylaws, the amendments will pass with a 2/3 majority of those voting. This rule is one of those being amended.

The old bylaws can be found here and the amended version here.
It is worthwhile for every member to take a look at these bylaws, at least so they have some knowledge of the structure that is the backbone of the club. Then I would like to ask every member to vote. If you decide to vote no, then please contact me with your reason so we can fix any problems you may find.
Please cast your vote below:
Vote to amend WKC bylaws
I would also like to take this opportunity to ask you to consider serving your club in some way, especially as an officer or member of the new board that will be formed in September. We really need your help. Also consider helping in other ways, especially as a trip leader. The existence of the club is highly dependent on members who are willing to contribute their time (it nearly faded away a couple years ago), and will thrive spectacularly if every member can find a way to participate.  

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