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Cedar River Float

Published on 10/8/2014
 By Mike Grijalva

Starting our float at the park above Hwy 169 and under the bike trail(old railroad bridge), we floated about a mile to this obstruction. A high bank on river left gave way when the clay soil became supersaturated with water, and all the earth and trees came down and across the river. This section has been closed to the public since that time, but Sgt. Knauss of the King Co. Marine Division gave our WKC trip permission to go down through this area. We floated under the first trees, but had to get out and walk around trees that span the river just below here.
Somewhat new club members: Corey, AJ and Michelle stand on some of the debris pile, which is now on river right.
The area behind and upstream is the area of the slide, and two trees span the river downstream of the slide.
Sockeye salmon were moving up the river and trying out some of the gravel for spawning reds. There were fewer fish than I have seen in the past several years of floating this section. We continued on past Cedar Grove Rd, and then past more miles of class 1-2 water with plenty of wood to dodge in every mile. We took out at 149th Ave, just above Ron Regis park. This river demands good scouting skills, boat control, and awareness of trees and branches in the water, And then there are the King Co. engineered log jams to be very wary of.
AJ gets a close look at one of the uglier structures created by man. This is what they think keeps the river under control and is fish habitat.  We are working on trying to educate them still, after many years. It may be that change is slowly coming.

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