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San Juan Seven Challenge

Published on 4/11/2015

San Juan Seven Challenge


By Steven Exe


Picture seven unique and beautiful islands nestled in the Salish Sea. While the first rays of the sun rising in the east strike the golden seas and the snows on Mt. Baker glisten, the paddle blade rhythmically glides through the water.  These islands could be your next paddling destination if you decide to accept the San Juan Seven challenge.  WKC is offering recognition to paddlers who complete the circumnavigation of seven islands located in the greater San Juan archipelago.  To receive this highly coveted and much rumored San Juan Seven award, each island must be circumnavigated while on a WKC sponsored trip.  While each Island has been circumnavigated in a day, by crazed endurance paddlers, this is not a mandatory requirement for the San Juan Seven award.  Still, each of the designated islands must be paddled as a single push that may include multiple days with camping. This should allow for the goal of circumnavigating some of the larger islands to be reached by mere mortal paddlers.  This recognition is offered to all forms of paddlers: (sea kayakers, SUP, out-riggers).

The San Juan Seven Islands are listed below.

  1. Guemes Island  
  2. Cypress Island  -  March 18/March 26 
  3. Lummi Island  -  April 23
  4. Stuart Island
  5. Lopez Island
  6. Orca Island
  7. San Jaun Island


Start making you summer paddling trips now.


See you on the water,

Steven Exe


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