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Swiftwater Rescue with Casey Garland

Published on 4/18/2015

Swiftwater Rescue Classes: March and April 2015


Mar 27-29

Fourteen paddlers attended the first Swiftwater Course of the season, taught by Casey Garland. The in-the-river portion of the class was taught at the Cedar River at Landsburg, and we spent lots of time in the water. We set up several rope pulley systems to learn mechanical advantage, Z-drags of 3:1, 6:1, 9:1, all the way to 27:1. We used a “tensioned diagonal” line to allow a zip line effect to get to somebody trapped out in the river, and effect a rescue, and many more tricks to remember.

Thanks Casey for the great course. The next course will be held April 24-26, and is full at this time. Kayak Academy is planning a 2-day rescue course in May for those interested.


April 24 - 26

Two courses of swiftwater rescue technique were taught by Casey Garland in March and April.   Over 2 ½ days, the topics included: assessment of an incident, leadership for rescue, delegating specific duties to the best persons suited for the task, assembly of equipment available, and techniques proven to be efficient, yet safest for the rescuers.  We learned skill with knots: water knot, figure of eight, prussic loops, girth hitch and more.  


We practiced several styles of group wading to overcome current and get out to someone in the water fast.  We set up several types of Z-drag pulley systems and used them for pulling ropes tight for a “tensioned diagonal,” line that can be used to get people out to a rescue site, or get people and gear off of a boat pinned out in the current.


Those that received the training were:

Steve Exe, Michele Hinatsu, Mike Grijalva, Rebecca Shepard, Frank Boyd, John Kelly, Andrew Hancock, Sybille Fleishman, Ron Healy, Ed Hand, Kanako Iwata, Brad Grimm, Andy Gross, Courtney Bouldin, Larry Grant, Chip Maney, Rochelle Long, Derek Rippe, Michelle Rippe, Paul Brower, and  Vern Brown

Mike Grijalva

Swift Water Rescue

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