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Pilings Removed: Lower Snoqualmie River

Published on 9/11/2015
King Co. did the boating community a favor in August by removing some dangerous pilings in the lower Snoqualmie River. Pilings placed many years ago along the right bank of the river about three miles downstream of Fall City, had become a safety issue when the river eroded away many feet of the outside bank, which resulted in the pilings being away from the shore and in the current, presenting a serious hazard to navigation. This issue was discussed during meetings in Fall City when plans were being worked out for the "Carlson Levee set back project." This section of the Snoqualmie is flat water, but used for canoe and kayak training runs. As part of the work done in the area, King Co. staff went beyond just doing the set back, which can help the residents during flood season, and did the boating community a big favor in clearing out the hazards downstream.

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