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Hands-on Practice: Whitewater Rescues, Helping New Paddlers, Leading

Published on 1/6/2017
Come out for the day and get some hands-on practice..

This class is designed specifically for the 2016 whitewater graduates, however all are welcome, as long as you are comfortable running class II+ rivers.  We will be focusing on getting the volunteers who will be helping with the upcoming 2017 Beginner Whitewater Course on the river, as well as in the pool.  If you do plan on helping with the upcoming class, this training day is required.  We will start out at the Tukwila pool and work on skills that are much better practiced in warm water, from there we will move to a local river. 

Each participant will get hands on practice and feedback on the following skills:
  • How to hold students
  • Progressions for new paddlers - getting them comfortable being underwater
  • Tips and tricks to helping students in the pool during instruction
  • Hand to cockpit rescues
  • T-rescues/bow rescues
  • Review helpful material for a river helper during the basic course
  • Positioning yourself during a rapid
  • Paddling with two paddles
  • Pushing a capsized boat
  • Towing boats
  • Towing swimmers (stern & bow)
  • Giving direction to a swimmer
  • Encouraging self-rescue
  • Boat over boat rescues
  • Paddle & whistle signals


If time, water levels and weather permits:

  • Aggressive swimming and catching eddy's
  • Throw bag techniques
  • Ropes (do's and don'ts)
  • ??

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