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Non-motorized permit in WA for a kayak?
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David is refering to the proposed boater education card - a requirement on the user, not the craft. That bill is dead for this coming session. (No assurances a new version won’t come back in 2023.) See email below.

To the original question, WA doesn’t have invasive species stickers (yet). I think boat launch fees are used instead.

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From: Oliver, Sydney <>

Good afternoon Andy,

Thank you so much for contacting Representative Goodman’s office. I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that after a veritable explosion of opposition to HB 1018 earlier this year, Rep. Goodman withdrew his support for the bill.

Further, Rep. Goodman heard many compelling arguments against the bill and understood the myriad of concerns it raised for boaters of all kind. Rep. Goodman spoke with the bill’s prime sponsor last session and I am pleased to confirm that House Bill 1018 will not be revisited this session. That being said, the bill is dead.

Although the legislature tried to pass a law requiring all paddlers to take a class and pass a test and buy a permit in order to paddle in our state and they will try again next legislative session.

WA has no registration requirement of canoe or kayaks.


[b]Exempt vessels[/b]


Canoes, kayaks, or vessels that don't have a motor or sail (strictly human powered).



We just moved from ID to WA. In ID we had to have a non-motorized permit sticker for our kayak ($7). Is there such a requirement in WA? If so, what do they call it and can I buy one online?



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