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  Washington Kayak Club
Fun and safe kayaking through trips, education, skill development, and conservation

Surf Kayaking

The Washington Kayak Club supports and encourages Surf Kayaking with a commitment to club trips under qualified leadership; occasional training opportunities with American Canoe Association certified instructors; and scheduled surf kayaking events.

In the discipline of surf kayaking, participants travel to known surf spots on the Washington Coast and the Straits of Juan De Fuca to take advantage of the often world class swells hitting the beach from the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Alaska.  Whether seeking beginner waves or more challenging surf, these intrepid paddlers come from sea kayak, whitewater, polo or almost any paddling background and share a common love of the flow of surfing a breaking ocean wave in a small, high performance kayak.

Paddling out in a beautiful northwest coast environment on a sunny day with great friends and fellow club members; turning in front of a swelling wave face and paddling hard to make the wave; accelerating down a breaking wave while making turns and maneuvers; and enjoying the speed and spray is what keeps these paddlers passionate about this segment of the kayaking world.  Each wave is different; each wave has its own flow; and each spot has its own special beauty, but the smiles are contagious.

Club members emphasize respect for other surfers and the environment, the safety of themselves and other surfers, the sharing of the waves and the development of competent surf kayaking skills.

Beginners often start out in plastic whitewater or sit-on-top kayaks, and ardent enthusiasts usually move to carbon/Kevlar surf-specific kayaks or fiberglass wave skis as their experience and abilities improve.  More advanced surf kayaks and wave skis are designed with near flat planning bottoms and often sport surfboard-type fins to aid in control and maneuvering.  Most other required gear is common to other kayak sports in the Pacific Northwest.

 If you are interested in joining us for surf kayak practice sessions or events, please contact the Surf Chairperson Hamp All

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