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"Sounders" off Jetty Island in Everett
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Video with clearer whale spout sound

"Sounders" are Gray whales that make a pit stop in Possession Sound to feed on ghost schrimp before continuing North to their summer feeding grounds. We launched from the 10th St boat launch in the Everett marina. We were rewarded with good Osprey, Heron, Eagle and Seal viewing. The Seal viewing was a novel experience for me. We passed a "haul out" area where a couple dozen seals were hanging out. We tried to avoid going too close so as not to disturb them, but something very unexpected happened -- about half of them did drop into the water -- and they started following us. So were tailing Shellie's boat quite closely. They followed us around the north end of Jetty Island and a fair way out into Possession Sound. After scanning the horizon for quite a while for whale sign, -- we we starting to feel with all the birds and seals we had seen already, "Dayenu". Then Shellie spotted a spout! Perhaps a mile to the southwest. So we paddled with purpose and closed the gap. We got fairly close -- but kept a respectful distance. When we watched gray whales in Baja, we experienced them bumping the 30 foot power boats there -- a thrilling experience, but not something I really wanted to repeat in a kayak.

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