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NEW Cispus River Take-out Comments
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Construction drawing attached.

In case you haven’t had a chance to file comments on the lower Cispus River take-out, you’re not too late. Comments are due by May 20, 2022.

Here’s my second round of comments.

Do not block the boat ramp. The point of having a boat ramp is to be able to use a boat ramp. A boat ramp is not only required but approved by FERC. Blocking the boat ramp limits the recreational opportunity, which conflicts with the point of this site. If the District is concerned about parking on the boat ramp, no parking/tow away signs should be installed and enforced. A simple solution to protecting adjacent vegetation exists by installing a railing or fence. An example for this can be found locally at City of Centralia’s Nisqually River FERC P-10703 McKenna Park boat ramp. Failure to provide a functional boat ramp at a location that supports recreational enthusiasts with boats requiring a boat ramp creates an UNSAFE condition.

Parking around the loop road needs to be shown on the drawings. The supplemental parking provided by the current design was never intended to be replacement parking, it was intended to be supplemental parking. Parking around the loop road will continue to be needed and should be shown on the drawings.

A twelve-foot-wide road is under-designed. Please provide a current recreational design standard for a twelve-foot-wide road where the road is shared with pedestrians—pedestrians carrying watercraft. A twelve-foot-wide road where the road is shared by traveling vehicles and/or parked and traveling vehicles and pedestrians is UNSAFE.

And from my first round:

I support construction of a picnic shelter. The old take-out had a picnic shelter and this one should too.

Email comments to: Michelle Holmes, LCPUD at

Re: Third Take-out Site Construction progress report

Thanks for being an advocate for public access to rivers.

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