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Looking for WW kayak accessories (maybe also cheap...
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My son is bringing his college kayaking club friends for a week at the end of August and they want to do some easy class 2-3 rivers. I have many (too many) WW boats, alas I have only 2 skirts, 1 helmet, 2 paddles, 2 throw ropes. Where did my other skirts, paddles, and helmets go over the last 20 years? Who knows?

Do you have some gear in the garage that you'd like to get rid of for really cheap? I can help! I am in Seattle and can pick up on the weekends in the area.

Looking for

- WW spray skirts, cockpit size L or M (based on snapdragon sizing). Skirt size not so important)

- Helmets, really anything for WW. Not picky.

- Paddles, old, cheap but still a WW paddle. Don't need fancy carbon Werner paddles...

- PFD. I have quite of few of these actually (from sea-kayaking), but one more would be nice.

- Throw ropes.

- Float bags. Could use 2 more.

- Dry tops. I think I have enough...but if you had one you need to get rid of...

- Play boat. I have been looking for a fun play boat (Jackson Allstar kind of boat, maybe?) Want something that you can do tricks with on a lake (pond) but also fun to play on little waves.




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