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Any old timers remember Verlen Kruger?
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Are there many of us around who still remember Verlen (not Warren, as the linked CL post calls him) Kruger and his Ultimate Canoe Challenge? I think he stopped in Seattle in 1982 or 8? When he continued on his journey south, a big contingent of local paddlers (likely including Rog & Diz Marquardt, Lee Moyer, Bob Morris, Judy Moyer and others?) escorted them out and sent them on their way with a raised paddle salute.

This post came up in a canoe trading site on Facebook. Merely sharing it for general interest for us old fogies. ;-) It's Verlen's custom boat from a later endeavor of the late 90s. This collection of (likely overpriced but she'll figure that out) memorabilia took me way down memory lane.

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