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Improvement to WKC programs for greater attendance
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Hey Ken,
With the WKC moving to the new insurance, things should be much easier for the trip/clinic leaders to manage.

As the whitewater training chair we are moving forward and getting some things in place for an awesome 2015 spring boating season with some clinics offered for more advanced boaters. Intro to creeking, boofing, surfing, boat control, etc. will be on the list... stay tuned!
More description of where trips are happening. The ones I have looked at will mention the river and maybe what section, but I am new to Washington and have no idea where to meet the group or where we are putting in.

Would like to see some sort of intro to creeking class.

I'm new to WKC, but i cannot find any instruction courses in the b'ham area. Besides arne hanna pool. (Self instruction) The closest place I have found is in chilliwack, BC. So I'm wondering if anyone knows of any courses or instructors in my area that are willing to teach. My experience is beginners instruction course, a run on skagit, a run on the stilly(which I swam about 6 x's). I do have a boat which I don't like(dagger agent 6.4) wrong boat for me. I'm looking for a couple different rolls. Off hand and/orback deck to go along with a sweep roll. And more confidence and some reading knowledge. Advice or help would be great and appreciated, looking to keep it fairly local. Thx!
More class III/-IV trips please!

As a progressing intermediate paddler I enjoy a scenic class II float just as much as the next person, but there is only so much of that you can do until you...get bored?

There is such a diversity of rivers here I am really surprised to see how limited the options are for WKC trips. I just moved from a state with a much smaller kayaking population and we did regular class III trips with some class IV moves where we would run safety for each other. It was great.

Maybe there is some inner circle I need to join, just tell me what kind of voodoo I need to perform to get in. Until then I will just keep an eye out for more trips.
Please give us your thoughts on ways to make the WKC programs better:

venue-where is a good location
time- what night of the week and hour
subjects- what would you like to see and learn about
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