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Frozen gear on the river
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Sub-freezing paddling can be fun, with or without falling snow flakes or icicles hanging from the bill of your helmet. It is good to remember that sub-freezing temps also mean frozen zippers, pogies, ropes and other gear. There is much value in a thermos of hot water or tea.

Drink the warm liquid to warm core temperature, dribble it on frozen gear, or pour a couple inches inside a pogie and dip your frozen hands in the hot bath...ahhhhh, that feels nice to frozen fingers....

Remember the saying "dress for the swim" includes dressing to stay warm for an extended period of standing around time during a rescue, lunch stop, or whatever. I wear three to four multi-weight layers during the colder months. I like to be warm : )

Does anyone have a cold weather paddling story to share?

There was a good one on PP last year where the guy had laid his gear down while helping others with a portage and then he couldn't get the gear back on because it was frozen solid.

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