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Snoq River PH put-in rules - stay back 100 feet
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How do you access the base of the falls and the upper drops on river left? For years we carried boats on the boardwalk and climbed down at the upstream end. After the renovations, it was clear that our old route was no longer ok. It is great to hear that there's a way to access the top of the run. How?

Much thanks.
A quick reminder about PH put-in access rule #1 as directed by the land owner Puget Sound Energy (PSE) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC):

PSE’s manager reminds that upstream river users "must stay a minimum of 100 feet from the Powerhouse".

We have been cheating, and getting away with it, by putting in adjacent to the actual power house, probably within 30 feet instead of the required 100 feet.

PLEASE, if you put in above the official put in, which is actually downstream of the powerhouse, at the bottom of the ramp, DO NOT hang out and warm up at the actual power house.

Also, please Do Not access the upper drop and pool at the foot of the falls on river right. We must Use River Left to access all river points above the actual powerhouse structure.

Thank you for respecting PSE's operations and for sharing your safe conduct by reminding others to remain 100 feet away from the actual powerhouse structure!

A little history:

During the initial re-opening, there was a guard who monitored the put in and board walk. There is a general perception that the whitewater community is in the know as a whole, and therefor a perception that everyone knows the rules, or know which rules are super important and which ones are not. The rules of staying back 100 feet and only using river left above the bottom of the ramp are super important to avoid further policing and restrictions. In the case of this put-in, it is a privilege and
not a legal right to access the river above the ramp anywhere on river right.

Thanks again!
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