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 There seems to be plenty of interest from a range of paddlers.  May I suggest, for my own skills, prior to heading out into the maelstrom that the group has a calm water rescues, communication methods, radio and radio skills check?  I would like to have some practice with some of these folks I haven't paddled with before, so we can get to know each other before they are fishing me out of the drink.



You can count Karl and me in.


I'm in.

Dave, I am interested in getting wet.

I am interested as a novice.


Keep me on your list, dave!

Dave: I am interested in this rough wind practice.  Wauna is one of good place to practice.

I would like to join.

Dave,  Count me in, obviously.  Aaron
I'm interested. 
John LaMunyon
Dear David:
I'm definitely only gnarly in my oafish appearance. Certainly not a novice, definitely not an expert, but always very interested in (watching) wind and (paddling in) waves.  Always willing to put up with the former for the latter. Have some skills to offer and a decent sense of humor.  Really love the water part of all this stuff. Count me in. 
Gnarly wannabees:
I would like to form a group of paddlers interested in practicing and developing skills in rough conditions.  Must be ready to go when the storm warnings are up, with possible venues including Alki Beach, Mukilteo, or Lake Washington.  The goal is to 1) become comfortable in wind and waves; 2) learn how to be quickly rescued in such conditions; 3) learn how to quickly do a rescue in such conditions; 4) have a blast surfing downwind.  People who have these skills hopefully will join the elite group of fine trip leaders that we desperately need.  I am looking for both novice and experts to share their skills. 
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