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Hey everyone,

My name is Derek and I just bought myself a eskimo gambler river kayak this last weekend. It was a couple hundred bucks off craigslist so I figured I couldn't go wrong... Hopefully its good enough for me to at least get acclimated to the sport.

Ultimately Id like to get involved with river kayaking and then white water kayaking. I have what I think is a decent paddle and a skirt that appeared to work well on my first test ride. Looking to pick up other items as I find a need.

Ill be watching and reading to check out events as they pop up. I think a decent first step is to learn how to roll over and right myself which I am going to be checking into down at the Northwest Outdoor center. I believe they have a short evening class to go over the basics.

So far I have only floated from the the base of Snoqualmie falls down to Fall city. Nothing two intense but definitely a taste for wanting more!

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