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Access to the lower Cispus River take-out
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Most folks don’t know that in 1986 Lewis County PUD under its license for FERC project P-2833 (Cowlitz Falls) is REQUIRED to provide uninterrupted public access to the lower Cispus River. So what’s up with locked gates, designated “open gate days”, having to walk ¼ mile+ when there is a boat ramp on the other side of the gate, vehicle entry permits and other barriers to access we don’t normally face when talking about mandated public access?

Well, we are not sure how 30 years later we’re still faced with the same issue – interrupted access. There was a recent push for user comments, and we have been told that FERC listened and recognizes there is a problem. You can, however, still file comments about your experiences by writing to Secretary Bose.
WKC pulled together some documents to help users locate information on river access issues, like the lower Cispus River.  Refer to forum post "How to find River Access Related Documents on WKC" including how to file with FERC about any river issue where FERC is the governing authority.
You don’t need to be a WKC member to access the information. 
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