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LCPUD reply to boaters re:river access 17Oct2016
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Again, if you are interested is this river access topic, a new boater generated document was just filed with FERC. It is a copy of an email message written to LCPUD which re-presents and outlines concerns about public access to the lower Cispus River, organizes the issues by priority and identifies performance goals for LCPUD.

It is in the "library" club info/public documents/river access/LCPUD Cispus River access/ boater generated performance goals for LCPUD filed with FERC.pdf

It is another excellent document filed with FERC.

It is with great hope that FERC clarifies the intent of its Orders and confirms that uninterrupted public access is required of LCPUD to the lower Cispus River.
If you are interested in this issue, there is a new document available in what I'll call the info/public documents/river access/LCPUD lower Cispus river. It is a four page letter written to FERC on 24 Oct 2016 in response to LCPUD's 17Oct 2016 reply to boaters' concerns re:access. It is the first letter within the past decade I have seen which requests FERC to clearly state the intent of previous rulings/orders.
Today we received notice that LCPUD filed with FERC its reply to boaters’ concerns and complaints about lack of access to the lower Cispus River. LCPUD is required to provide access in accordance with its project license P-2833, Articles 42 and 17. LCPUD’s reply is five pages and is attached to this post. It can also be found under public documents section of WKC website.

Twelve complaints were filed with FERC between early Sept and mid Oct 2016 about lack of public access to the river. These comments were instrumental in alerting FERC that there is a genuine issue with lack of access, which ultimately resulted in LCPUD’s reply.

Unfortunately, the access issue is not yet resolved, however, discussions are moving in the right direction. Future public service announcements may be necessary in requesting your participation. Please let me know if you would like to be added to the email distribution for future discussions.

On behalf of WKC, all whitewater paddlers and the non-kayaking public, thank you everyone for taking an active interest and participating. It is you who help to strengthen our community.

Greater western Washington has three current river issues needing your support…Sunset Falls, SF Skykomish River hydro-power diversion (SnoPUD), NF Skykomish road reconstruction/river access (agency unknown), and the lower Cispus River (LCPUD).
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