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New Forum "River Advocacy Bulletins"
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After I posted this, Dave (our website guru) helped me make the "River Advocacy Bulletin" forum an "Opt-In" option, instead of an "Opt-out" option.

What does that mean to our members?

If you are not already listed as having an interest in the whitewater forums, there is nothing further you need to do, you will not be notified via email when we post in this forum. You can double check this by going to your profile and then forum memberships.

However, if you have chosen an "Interest" in whitewater (this happens when you renew your membership or join), you will need to turn "on" email notification for just this forum.

Hope that's clearer than mud! Once again, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
We started a new forum on the whitewater side "River Advocacy Bulletins". I know some folks were getting frustrated with the river announcement emails in the "General Announcement" forum, so we separated it out. Going forward we will try to only post announcements in the General forum that is of interest to all paddlers.

If you would like to turn off any emails/notifications when we post in the "River Advocacy Bulletin" forum, follow Dave's thread under General Announcement forum for turning forum emails on/off.

Hope this helps alleviate any frustration.
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