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Discovery Island Lodge Quadra Island B.C.
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I am organizing a trip to Quadra Island B.C. We will be staying at the Discovery Islands Lodge.

After checking the tide and current tables I have booked 4 nights July 25th -28th for my brother and myself. You will need to book your own room. We should have time to explore North, East, and South of the lodge. I have stayed here and kayaked under the guidance of fellow kayaker Dick Sevenich in 2015. We had a fantastic time in late April with good weather. Please RSVP this trip if you book those dates so I can keep track of how large our group is. Any questions you can message me here or email the lodge. To sign up for this paddle, you must be an advanced novice paddler or beyond with wet-exit, re-entry and rescue training and recent practice and you must be able to paddle a 2.8 knots pace. We will likely be in some areas with low current flow. This is not a guided paddle nor a kayaking-skills lesson. In signing up for this trip, each paddler certifies that he/she has the required kayaking skills and experience. Kayaking activities have inherent risk and each paddler acknowledges that kayaking activities have risk of injury or even death, and signs up and participates entirely and exclusively at his/her own risk. Immersion wear is highly recommended for this trip. A 50' throw line or towing system is required for kayaking in B.C. waters. The usual safety equipment: paddle float, PFD, whistle, flashlight, change of clothes in drybag, spare paddle, bidge pump, first aid kit are also required for this trip. This is high demand time up north and the lodge will book to capacity in the near future. If you want to go, now is the time to RSVP and book your room. This trip is posted on other sites so please let me know if you book a room so I can keep the group size manageable.

Photos of lodge and area.

Phil Longden
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