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REVISED lower Cispus River 340 Rd gate CLOSED
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Okay, this is getting confusing. Today LCPUD announced the 340 Rd gate is in fact OPEN, but they are going through website growing pains. That's cool, it happens.

But LCPUD also said they would update the website early this morning, and this afternoon were reminded it is Friday and current info for the weekend would be Great!

When the website reads the same as the official statements, I will make a new post to help clear potential confusion. For now, LCPUD says the 340 Rd gate is OPEN, but the website, says the 340 Rd gate is closed.

My apologies, I can't figure out how to revise the title. Look for a new forum thread next week.
The Lweis County PUD has CLOSED the 340 Road gate and changed it's website to reflect this. The are currently operating on the open gate day plan. Despite requests, LCPUD has not released information on how it selected the open gate days.

To re-iterate, please be advised the 340 Rd gate is CLOSED unless otherwise noted by the LCPUD open gate day calendar.

Always be sure to check the LCPUD website to check the status of the 300 Rd gate. You can do that here:
Congratulations boaters, and Thank You for your efforts toward this end!

This message was received via email from Lewis County PUD:

On Mar 20, 2017, at 5:04 PM, Joe First wrote:

Whitewater Boaters,

Port Blakey and the District have agreed to open the Copper Canyon Creek Take-Out Site full time during periods when the 300 road is open. A reminder that the 300 road closes for fire danger and logging activities. The District will also close the Copper Canyon Creek Take-Out Site for personal safety reasons during certain maintenance activities. The 340 road vehicle gate is now locked open and ready for whitewater boaters to use.

Please treat the area kindly. We want everyone to enjoy this for years to come.

Joe First
Project Superintendent
Cowlitz Falls Hydroelectric Project
Lewis County PUD

It is my interpretation of the FERC generated letter to LCPUD that LCPUD has 30 days to file this plan with FERC.
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