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Storing sea kayaks
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This is a real dilemma. I have a house, and a garage, and sea kayaks are just too long for the average space and even if they fit they become the only thing that can be in the space.

In my opinion, you can store a kayak outdoors, upside down, with hatch covers removed, out of the sun, although I never have done this since I've always had the option of a garage. I'd just be careful they didn't accumulate water that could freeze and thaw, and that the sun didn't bleach them out.


After taking a couple of beginning sea kayaking trainings and trips with the club a couple of years ago, I've been dreaming of owning the equipment to go on some extended journeys with the club some day and with my new job I would like to start considering buying a boat.

I have been warned that the advanced trips require lots of experience, well, OK. I'll have work to on getting some more experience.

I still want to buy a boat now that will serve me well on those extended trips some day.

Unfortunately, I'm out of storage space for a boat. What can I do? Do I need to build a special shed? Are there other options?

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