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SOLD 17' solo Sea Kayak by NW Kayaks - superb ...
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This is a custom made "GT" single by local manufacturer Northwest Kayaks, approx. 17 feet length. Totally seaworthy and ready to use. I have developed some back and leg issues making it hard for me to use - I am 6'3" and it is a smaller cockpit. So you get a great deal! I will include a basic paddle and sprayskirt, so all you really need is a life vest to begin using it. This is a great way to get into the sport for way less than most!

Although perfectly suited for beginners, it is considered a more advanced boat because it doesn't have (and there is no need for) a rudder, which helps keep it watertight. It is easy to turn and has great secondary stability (when it is put at an angle for turning). The professionally laced deck lines (ropes) ensure you or a partner can easily grab on from any location and makes it easy to store extras like map, pump, etc. There is also a recessed circle behind and to the side of the cockpit which could accommodate an electric pump, fishing reel mount, or anything else desired.

The kayak has both fore and aft bulkheads for storage with watertight neoprene hatch covers. (The rear bulkhead was recently resealed to ensure watertight condition.) It has also had the hull reinforced with a kevlar strip all along the keel line and recoated waterproof sealant of the entire hull. (It never leaked but I wanted to ensure there were no potential problems.)

This is an older model (1980's?) but I just took it up to the Arlington factory for NW Kayaks to confirm it is in seaworthy condition.In redoing the hull coating there was some runoff to the upper side, which is cosmetic. I was fine with it (has a certain punk charm) but you can repaint the upper deck as you desire.

If pricey kayaks have prevented you from trying this great sport, this is a fantastic opportunity to get into it. If you are experienced and want a very sporty boat, this will fit the bill.


I will consider all offers but ask for cash only, I will give you a receipt and guarantee it is leakproof. It is stored at the Bell Harbor Marina (Belltown in downtown Seattle) so we can arrange a time for you to look and if interested even "test drive" it.

This is a real gem for the price - don't wait! Thanks, Eric
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