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SOLD Used Riot Dominatrix 47 for tall paddlers SOL...
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The Riot Dominatrix 47 is a great kayak for tall paddlers for the pool, for whitewater and surf.
You might want to replace the backbend with a backbend that fits you.
Cost: 100 USD

Here is a review from
A little shorter than the Trickster to make vertical moves easier, narrower hull to get it on edge easier, and more side bevel like the Disco for extra forgiveness. Dominatrix has a similar concept in deck design to the Trickster, but with much less volume in the ends than any Riot boat ever. In fact, this is the easiest kayak longer than 7 feet to flatwater cartwheel, and it'll link up those ends in the smallest, softest holes imaginable. Dominatrix is intended to be the link between the Riot Disco and the Riot Trickster in its style of paddling. Extremely forgiving, controllable and fun on the smallest river features like the Disco, yet retaining some of the speed, carving precision, agility and grace of the Trickster series. Extra volume in the knee area for super retentiveness, and relatively comfortable foot area so paddlers can sit in it all day. Balanced volume in the stern for controlled linked vertical ends, shorter for easy spins and shallow hole playing. Slip System hull for fast surfing, blinding spins and extra forgiveness. This is the dream boat for girls and guys that will bring out the hidden qualities you never knew you had.

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