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WWKayak Bliss-Stick Huka
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Used Bliss-stick Huka in yellow for 100USD. This whitewater kayak was designed for creeks and waterfalls. 

Length: 235 cm / 93 inches
Width: 67 cm /26 inches
Volume: 252 Liter
Paddlerweight: 55-90 Kg / 121-198 lbs

I have a second Bliss-stick Huka red with yellow that has a damaged nose and is for sale for 60 USD. This second kayak should not be used on creeks or to go off waterfalls anymore. The nose of this kayak was damaged, when it banged with a lot of force against a rock.

A review found on 
A boat named after Huka Falls sure better meet the stiff expectations that goes with the run's reputation. It's a bold name, but all indications are that the boat's a winner.

Its a boat with much careful thought credited to the final product, with defining hull characteristics, swell outfitting and secure safety features. Creeking in this boat is sensational. Many people have said now that this boat is simply the best creek boat they have been in. Its strong and handles well where it matters. Reviews have been very complementary of this boat.

The hull has generous rocker both bow and stern, yet a middle section with maximum planing area so as not to compromise speed. The displacement hull is wide, but easy to roll on to its side by virtue of big side-cuts that promote secondary stability, as well as maintaining a level of trackability that is unusual in creekboats. The length, side-cuts and rocker also mean that in tight situations, maneuverability is maximised. When it gets really full-on...too full-on, the xtra large cockpit makes for a fast exit. Two large grab handles are reachable from the cockpit, as are a further 4 beckoning points should you be needing a rope aided extraction from places that boater and boat feel uncomfortably mortal. A solid yet adjustable bulkhead system form a strong bracing point, and the roomy cockpit mean the Huka is totally comfortable. Ample room for gear exists in and around the seat, and behind.

All proceeds go to educate children in Haiti.
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