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For Sale Wenonah Kruger Advantage Kevlar Canoe $...
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Posted for: John Bolivar Contact: 206-683-8004 email is

Located in Ballard

Wenonah Kruger Advantage Kevlar Canoe $650

Super lightweight and fast single person canoe. Great for training or racing...weighs about 30 pounds. Kevlar layup. Great condition. Has one repair area but has never leaked. Professionally repaired and not noticeable from the inside....
Length: 16'6″
Width: 29.5″
Weight: Approx 30 lbs

Maker's Spec

16'6" Recreational Racing and fast cruisng
max. width 29 1/2"
max. gunwale 22 1/2"
max. at 4" waterline 29 1/2"
Bow 17"
Center 13"
Stern 14"
Kevlar, Ultra-light Core (32 lb. with standard equipment)

Maker's Write Up
When Dave Kruger designed the Advantage he knew he had a fast, capable canoe. And true to form, the Advantage quickly became an all time favorite of marathon and recreational paddlers alike.
Fast, efficient and responsive, the Advantage has few competitors in the paddling world. It is not as fast in straight-ahead speed as our marathon canoes, but the Advantage can keep up in all but the most blazing training runs. It is responsive, easy to paddle and friendly for paddlers of all abilities.
After its introduction the Advantage proved so versatile that most were used for pleasure. Hence, he refined it to add buoyancy making the Advantage also a great boat for cruising and light tripping. With a daypack or slightly larger load, the Advantage is fast and stable, the perfect solo canoe for racing, fitness, or fast efficient cruising.

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