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SOLD Necky Looksha IV S kevlar composite Sea Kaya...
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THE LOOKSHA SERIES :These models are long-time favorites in the San Juan Islands, Inside Passage, Coastal Maine and Nova Scotia where the ability to carry lots of gear, handle rough water and cover tons of miles effectively are highly valued.

Necky Looksha IV S kevlar composite
Mango Orange over white

This boat performed beautifully in SF and Monterey Bay. It has always been stored inside, (hanging from the ceiling), so the bottom is in great shape and the color is like new. Large front and rear storage hatches, and deck lashing. Rear Drop rudder, compass mounting flat, adjustable seat (pumps up!) and seat back. Optional Spray skirt can be negotiated with purchase. Dolly is not included.

The Looksha IV has low profile decks, double hard chines, and a rockered hull. The rocker and chines combine to create a very maneuverable design which responds to the paddler's every move. With rock solid secondary stability, the boat is reassuringly predictable when put on a lean, and carves a turn beautifully. At 17' long and 22" wide the boat has good speed and ample storage for extended touring. When in rough water, the hard chines and ample rocker create a very seaworthy platform.
This is where the Looksha IV really shines!

The Necky Looksa IVS rudder is a heavy aluminum blade that's positioned at the extreme stern of the hull and fits partially into a slot at the upturned end of the keel line. A simple line running through a ring at the stern controls the deployment, which is gravity powered. This system is simple, inexpensive, easy to service in the field and avoids having a skeg box in the most useful part of the stern storage area. Perfect for camping or long paddling trips.
WIDTH: 22"
DEPTH: 12"
WEIGHT: approx. 49 lbs
COCKPIT: 16" x 29.5"
BOW HATCH: 12"x9"
STERN HATCH: 15"x10.5"
MSRP was $3649 selling at $1199

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