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Tsunami Debris


David Ortland

Hello Tsunami Debris,
  Welcome to the new forum.  I have (hopefully) set up this (and all other forums) so that replies no longer go to the whole forum.  You can view replies to any thread by going to the forum on line.  Let me know if you think there is a better way!  Also, let me know if you are getting replies.
So this forum will be used to announce practice sessions as conditions merit.  I think we should start by setting some ground rules - open to discussion!
First, I want to clearly state the purpose of these sessions.  I want them to primarily be informal but guided practice sessions where you can experience, experiment, practice and learn by doing, with the sea as your teacher and skilled paddlers providing a safe environment for doing so rather than a long list of things you should know.  (However, basic rules of thumb will be discussed beforehand!)  By becoming confident in wind and waves you will be an asset to any trip you are on, able to contribute to any emergency that may arise (mainly - towing and rescues) and to provide you the confidence you need when you (hopefully) decide to become a trip leader yourself.  (You are ALL capable of that).  The agenda of a session will be determined according to the interests of those who show up, with a decision how to proceed being made on the beach.
We have a wide range of skill levels, from instructors to beginners.  I know most of you, but not all.  If I have never paddled with you, then please send me an email with an honest assessment of your experience in wind and waves.  We will try to tailor sessions to your experience, which I think should be developed gradually.  So I propose that we have beginner level sessions with winds under 20 (15?) knots, and advanced sessions with higher winds.
I think we should have a list of 'guides', with a session consisting of at least two.  Perhaps we should also limit the number of participants at a given session, proportional to the number of guides present.  There are several of you I already consider to be guides, but perhaps I should let you volunteer for that position first.  I suggest that only guides can announce a session.  How should location be decided - let the available guides pick?
That is enough for now, please share your thoughts.  It looks like stormy season is about to get under way next week (if the models are to be believed).

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