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Neoprene boot smell

Matt H.

Just started kayaking and am confronted with neoprene boot smell.

I see online people talk about scuba neoprene soaps that are expensive, and also mention of vinegar.   I so don't like dealing with vinegar.  Trying to also not have to keep an expensive cleaning product just for this.

One thing I do that works for my gloves for mountain unicycling is I get them wet beforehand (they are gonna get drenched with sweat anyway), and rinse some good smelling soap into them - stuff that is ok for hands and face because I end up wiping my face with my gloves when riding.  This works good for that.
Was thinking of putting something good smelling in the boots BEFORE kayaking.  I was trying putting some pine sol (love the smell) in the souls of them, and then filling them up with water and leaving them like that over night after use, and then maybe a tiny bit more before using them the next time.  Any of you have any problem with pine sol on neoprene?


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