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Tsunami Debris

Storms a comin'

David Ortland

Hello Debris,
  It looks like there will be a pretty good blow on Friday.  Alas, a work day.  However, if anyone is able to take off the latter part of the afternoon perhaps we can go out to play.  Once I know who is interested we'll work out a venue and paddle plan.  These will likely be fairly advanced conditions, so this practice would be suitable only for those who already have good boat control in wind and waves to two feet.  My guess is conditions will be a notch above that.
Throughout the winter there will be a variety of conditions coming our way and so intend to provide practice sessions for all levels of paddler.  The best strategy is to work your way up gradually to the big stuff as you comfort level and boat control increases..
I have set this forum to send replies  back to the forum so that discussions can be implemented and so that you can see who wants to go out for a paddle.  If you shut emails off in your forum preferences then you will not get these notices, but can always go and look for them on the web site.  If you keep email notices on but do not want to see a flurry of replies, you can go to the forum preferences and choose (under Message Delivery) to have the frequency set to only a daily digest.  Let me know if you need help or have suggestions.

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