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Renee Paradis
If you are interested (please help) in filing comments with FERC about your experiences on the lower Cispus River take-out access issue, or any other river issue where FERC is the governing authority (including Sunset Falls), and would like additional information, please visit , click “Club Info” tab, click Documents, then Public Documents, and then River Advocacy . Here you will find “How to File with FERC” (you must have the docket/project number).

If you go one step further under River Advocacy, click on the folder name of the river access issue you want to write about. How to file with non-FERC governing authorities will be under the folder of the specific river issue name, under River Advocacy

This is also where you will find recent documents pertaining to the specific river issue.
You do not need to be a WKC member to access this information!

Thank you in advance for taking part to make a difference.
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