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Where not to be in Boulder Drop

Renee Paradis

This link is for Irene Nash's blog where she describes a tough day in Boulder Drop this past weekend. There is a keeper hole in Boulder Drop that I discovered as a swimmer in 2007. It took two class V paddlers to get me out after a 3 minute retention. My experience was at 1250 cfs and I was able to keep my head above water.

Irene's blog indicates that the culprit hole came into play this past weekend around 1800 cfs and the victims didn't always have air.

The hole has proven itself over again to be a serious keeper, if you paddle Boulder Drop, it is worth understanding where to avoid. You can not get to this hole with a rope from the side. Irene provided some great information about their experience.

Irene's blog

There is also discussion on Professor Paddle, forum post called Vagabond Christmas Potluck. You can get to Irene's blog from here too.

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