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SOLD Yellow Nimbus Telkwa plus gear $1500 SOLD

John Kelly

Posted for Steve Dirgo Contact: 206-949-7954;

In good condition, includes spray skirt and assorted equipment. 18.3' long, 24.5" wide. This is a long stable kayak that has traveled the Sound plus several extended trips on the West side of Vancouver Island. Kayak has excellent storage capacity and has handled rough conditions easily. $1400. I live in Port Orchard, WA

I am moving south to Virginia and sadly cannot take this Kayak. Kayak is in great condition and perfect for someone looking for a stable kayak with lots of storage space. This boat can handle demanding situation such as those sometimes encountered in the San Juan’s or the West side of Vancouver Island but it is also great for cruising on gentle rivers and lakes. I kayaked with the Washington Kayak Club, the Boeing Employees Kayak Club (BEWET) and a group of great paddler who averaged 500 miles a year.  I had no problem keeping up with them and several other World Class paddlers. After owning other kayaks and trying the Telkwa HV I never desired another kayak or had it disappoint me.

I have included the quality gear I used with this boat, excluding my PFD which stays with me. There is a boat pump and tow rope inside the cockpit. A paddle float is attached to the back deck and I have also included the Kayak dolly wheels, a throw line, a water tight olive container that fits in the rear storage deck and a cockpit cover. I have also included a good spray skirt, foam blocks for carrying on your vehicle, plastic stands to store the kayak and the adjustable Lendal  Nordkapp N-12 carbon fiber  paddles I used with this kayak. The paddles and kayak made a great team and I even included the leash so they do not get separated. Price is $1500 for all Firm.







Weight (lbs.)

Cockpit size

18' 3"



56 Glass
48 Kevlar®

32.6" x 17.6"

Storage Volume

Total volume (litres)

Bow Hatch


Stern Hatch





The Telkwa HV is our largest single and can carry an impressive load. The hull is almost identical to the Telkwa but the deck is 1" deeper in the cockpit area. This extra height in the middle of the boat tapers to the same size as the Telkwa at the ends. It handles very much like the Telkwa but with slightly more windage and is able to hold more gear. The Telkwa HV is the ideal boat for larger paddlers or those who like lots of space in the cockpit.

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