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Epic 18X Sport
Bob Putnam
I have a 2 new sea kayaks from Epic Kayaks. 18 X Sport Ultra construction and a 16X Performance construction in Bellingham. Both are new kayaks

If you don't know about Epic sea kayaks their design features focus on efficiencies and to so much on the appearance of traditional sea kayaks. They are incredibly seaworthy and a great option for point to point ocean touring. I always qualify them as being the fastest "practical" sea kayak. There may be other faster sea kayaks, but the 18X Sport checks all the boxes. Relatively stable for a 22" beam kayak, tons of storage capacity with large hatch covers for easy access.

Hull design is super efficient and foot board and rudder control allows for a great transfer of power from the paddle to boat. The 18X Sport is the kayak of choice if you want to do well in the Yukon River Quest, and it was the sea kayak Freya Hoffmeister used to circumnavigate Australia, which included an 8-ish day open ocean crossing of the Gulf of Carpenteria.

18X Sport Ultra - $4100 37lbs
FYI if you enjoying racing the 18X Sport qualifies in the Fast Seakayak class, whereas the 18X does not

16X Performance - $3100 41 lbs
this pricing is below retail.

here are a couple good videos featuring Epic sea kayaks busting through surf

Full disclosure: I am the Epic Dealer for Bellingham and Vancouver, Canada
Happy paddling this Fall


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