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Eddyline Fathom (2012) w/ Redfish Seat Upgrade
Douglas McNeill

Eddyline Fathom Touring Kayak (2012) with new Redfish custom seat ($190 value). The Fathom is Eddyline's current top-of-the-line model and retails for $2700. This boat is fast and light -- made of Carbonlite ABS. 16.5' with a 22" beam. It's a great "all-around" boat for day trips and overnight touring. Includes installed rescue straps and Northwater paddle scabbards. Minor crack repair behind skeg with help from Eddyline.* I also have a new roll of KeelEazy strip that has not been installed. An extended test paddle can be arranged if interested. $1500

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You can find the kayak's full (manufacturer) specs here:
Reviews here (

* I believe the PO of this boat likely dropped it during transport. The crack (and inadequate repair, plus slow leak) was concealed by keel strip when I bought it. Per instructions from EL, I repaired it correctly with methacrylate adhesive and fiberglass tape. The repair isn't visible behind the replaced keel strip. Repair reflected in the reduced price.


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