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Mariner II - $1200
Doug Nichols

It is in great shape. The normal wear and tear. Not sure about the exact age, I bought it is 2002 from a guy that bought it new.

Excellent seakayak great shape. This is a great play boat, fast and surfs well. 

Length: 17' 11"

Waterline length (170 lbs. added) 16' 1"

Beam: 21.5"

Waterline beam (170 lbs. added) 19.5"

Cockpit size (inside): 32.5" x 15"

Depth at front of cockpit: 11.5"

Depth at rear of cockpit: 10"

Volume (filled with water): 14.0 cu.ft. (105 gal.)

Est. volume (if Sea Kayaker method used): 14.8 cu.ft (111 gal.)

It has plenty of room for expeditions.

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