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Nisqually - 70 Wave Day

Michael Deckert | Published on 1/25/2024


Nisqually 70 wave day

By Michael Deckert

January 25, 2024

Missing Jennie’s 70/7 birthday challenge trip on Friday, and needing a head start being younger than her, I posted a Thursday Nisqually trip.  One person signed up.

Paul Butler and I met up and headed down the river.  The river flowed at 3180 cfs, a playful level for surfing.  My goal for the day was to get a one day head start on Jennie and surf at least  70 waves.

Three otters greeted us above the third rapid,  and we had brief glimpses of them frolicking before they disappeared from view.  Besides the wildlife sighting,  I was well  on  my way to reaching my goal.


Big Kahuna rapid offered some enjoyable surfing in the middle section. At the bottom, Big Kahuna Wave itself was mostly washed out.  The next wave below more than made up for the missing Big Kahuna.  Smooth shoulders flanked a  steep breaking pocket 4-5 feet deep.  We used the easy eddy service from river left.  It was my wave-of-the-day!

Paul and I had a fantastic day on the river, three otters, a few eagles, a couple of red-tailed hawks, many mergansers, and the goal of 70 waves surfed was exceeded.  3180 cfs offers a great day of play on the Nisqually River.


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